Travel Treats

We do a lot of traveling in the car so I like to pack treats for us to enjoy en route.  There’s nothing worse than going to a rest stop and seeing all the fast food restaurants and gas station mini marts filled with not much for us to eat, so I plan ahead and get special treats for us to enjoy.  The day before we head out, I will cut up into bite sized pieces, green, orange, yellow, and red peppers (depending on the cost), celery, carrots, and mushrooms.  I add cherry tomatoes to the mix and put them in baggies. 

Another nice treat is crackers and peanut butter.  We use natural peanut butter, and try to find whole grain only crackers. 

If I’m feeling ambitious enough I’ll make hummus and cut some veggies into small dipping sized pieces, and we’ll pull over and enjoy this too. 

Peaches, apples and bananas also make their way into our cooler.  If you plan ahead, living the vegan lifestyle is not that much of a challenge. 

Happy trails!

By veganforthemeateater

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