Starting Off

When we started our venture into a new way of eating, we made a list of foods to get, many we were already familiar with and a few new and strange items.  We stocked up on salad items and fresh and frozen vegetables.  And by frozen veggies, I don’t mean veggies with cheese or butter sauces, but plain.  We got tofu and soy milk too, and some fresh cilantro. I already carry chili powder, cumin, curry, basil and parsley.  We got an assortment of canned beans and tomatoes. When you purchase anything canned, try to get low or no sodium. In the case of canned beans I always rinse them out a few times before using. I do sometimes use dried beans, but I’m not organized enough to have dried beans ready for use at all times so I do opt for the canned beans.

I have to confess, we are not 100% vegan or whole plant eaters, but we are close and we are happy with that.  We try not to eat things with processed foods and we don’t eat animals or animal by-products (cheese, eggs, milk, etc).  We made this decision based on health issues rather than animal and environmental concerns, although those are also very good reasons to change.  My boyfriend has lost about 60 lbs and lowered his blood sugar to a healthy level, and I lost about 8 lbs 😦  and no longer have irritable bowel syndrome, plus we both feel great! 

The reason I named this blog veganforthemeateater is because before this, both of us were huge meat eaters.  No dinner meal was ever served without a main serving of meat or sometimes fish and the thought of no meat was out of the question. Never in a million years would Jim even consider not eating meat.  I had gone for short periods without it, but never thought about cutting it from my diet completely.

The first 2-3 weeks were the hardest, although not as bad as you might think.  Other than my digestive system adjusting to higher amounts of beans, the only thing I truely missed was cheese.  If you think about it, cheese is in a lot of dishes: grated cheese on pasta; mozzarella on pizza; cheese and crackers. The list goes on.  Anyway, that craving took longer to get over, but I got over it.

For those who can’t do without it, there are substitutes, which I call ‘fake’ cheeses and ‘fake’ meats, mostly made from soy and other ingredients. Now for the true vegan, you must read your ingredients because many of these products contain casein, a claimed carcinogen.  We notice that when we use some of these items, our systems react differently to them and our bm’s are changed. Why do we use them then?  Sometimes we just give in to a craving. 

When I prepare a meal, if I’m cooking, I usually start off with chopped onions, garlic, and peppers sauteed in a little olive oil or veggie broth. Then I will add the vegetable(s) and or beans. Sometimes I add tomatoes, sometimes it low sodium soy sauce.  This mixture is served on a bed of brown rice, or other grain. 

As soon as I figure out more of this site, I will start placing some recipes on it.  hope you have a great day!


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Upstate New York 2012

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Welcome to Our World!

Hello.  After being vegans for almost a year and a half, my boyfriend and I have decided to share some of our discoveries with you. Actually, we are not only vegans, but live on a whole foods, plant-based diet.  What got us started was reading a very informative book called, ‘The China Study’, by T. Colin Campbell.  I know you shouldn’t believe everything you read, because let’s face it, anyone can put a slant on a story to make it read the way they want it to, but when you have so much research pointing to a certain conclusion, you have to at least think about it. 

Anyway, I’m not writing this blog to preach, ‘Hey, it’s my way or the highway’.  For us, this way of eating works.  We seem to have resolved some health issues and that was the whole reason behind trying this way of living.  If any of you get something out of this blog, great.

‘What do we eat,’ you might ask?  There are so many choices, I don’t know where to begin.  Breakfast is usually oatmeal, or toasted whole wheat flatbread with peautbutter, and fruit.  Lunch can be wraps, or vegetable soup.  Dinner starts with a big salad. We throw anything in our salads.  After the salad, we’ll have a dish of rice, beans and vegetables, in some form or another.  Dessert is usually fruit or popcorn, or sometimes both.

 As we move forward with this blog, I will give out some of our secret recipes. I have fun putting different foods together, and one thing I notice is we use a lot of spices, not necessarily spicey hot spices, just flavorful spices. 

Well, it stopped raining so I’m going outside for awhile.  Have a great day!

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